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        1. 歡迎訪問昆山瑞塞奇精密儀器有限公司官方網站!

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          電話:0512-55258781 15950925981 (楊先生)

          二手掃描電鏡、二手電鏡、二手SEM EDX、二手EDX

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          Standard specifications(1) BasicspecificationsSE image resolution : 3.0 nm at 30 kV(x100,000, WD = 5 mm, High Vacuum Mode)15 nm at 3 kV ( x30,000, WD = 5 mm, Hi…


          Standard specifications


          (1)  Basicspecifications

          SE image resolution   : 3.0 nm at 30 kV(x100,000, WD = 5 mm, High Vacuum Mode)
          15 nm at 3 kV ( x30,000, WD = 5 mm, High Vacuum Mode)

          BSE image resolution  : 4.0 nm at 30 kV ( x60,000, WD = 5 mm, 6 Pa in Low Vacuum Mode )

          Magnification         : ′5– 300,000
          (Highest and lowest magnifications are dependent upon accelerating voltage, WDand scan speed)


          (2)  ElectronOptics

          Electron beam source  : Pre-centered Cartridge filament ( Tungsten hair-pin filament)

          Accelerating voltage  : 0.3 kV – 30 kV

          Gun bias              :Quadrant Bias

          Beam alignment        : 2-stage electromagnetic deflection (works as beam blankingwhen an image is freezed)

          Lens system           :3-stage electromagnetic lens reduction optics

          Stigmator             :X-Y octopole electromagnetic

          Scanning coil         : 2-stage electromagnetic deflection

          Objective movable aperture: 4 holes withclick-stop design (30, 50, 80, 150 μm dia.)

          Image shift           :±50 μm or larger at WD = 15 mm

          Analysis position     : WD = 15 mm, TOA = 35°

          Detectors             :SE detector in High vacuum mode
          BSE detector in high and low vacuum modes


          (3)  Specimenstage



          0 – 80 mm


          0 – 40 mm


          5 – 50 mm




          -20° - +90°


          5-axis manual

          Maximum size

          153 mm in diameter

          Observable area

          126 mm dia. with XYR

          Maximum height

          60 mm at WD = 15 mm


          2-axis stage Motor drive unit (option)


          (4)  Evacuationsystem

          Evacuation control    : Fully automatic sequence with motor valves

          Vacuum gauge          : Pirani gauge

          Ultimate vacuum       : 1.5 x 10-3 Pa

          Adjustable pressure range: 6 – 270 Pa (inlow vacuum mode only)

          Vacuum pump           :Turbo Molecular Pump(TMP) 210 l/s, 1 Oil Rotary Pump 135 l/min.(50Hz), 162 l/min.(60Hz),  1



          (5)  Display

          Control               :Graphic User Interface(GUI), English menu

          OS                    :Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional

          Operation             :Mouse/Keyboard, Rotary knob set(option)

          Monitor               :19 type LCD (1280 1024 pixels on desk top)

          Image display mode    : Full screen display (1280 ′ 960 pixels)
          Standard display (640
          ′480 pixels)
          Dual image display (640 ′480 pixels 2), Signal mixing

          Scanning mode         : TV/FAST


                                :Reduced area (320 240 pixels)


                                :Split screen/Dual magnification

                                :High definition image capture (max. 2560 ′ 1920 pixels)

                                :Frame integration image capture (max. 2560 ′ 1920 pixels)

          Scanning speed        : TV scan
          (640 480 pixels, 25/30* frames/sec.)

                                :FAST scan
          (full screen display: 6.3/7.5* frames/sec.)

                                :Slow scan
          (full screen display: 1, 4, 20/16, 40/32, 80/64* sec./frame)
          (640 480 pixels: 0.5, 2, 10/8, 20/16, 40/32*sec./frame)

                                :Reduced area scan
          (320 240 pixels: 25/30,3/4* frame/sec.)
          * Frequency of power supply: 50/60Hz

          Automatic adjustment functions

                                :Automatic Brightness & Contrast (ABCC)

                                :Automatic Focus Control (AFC)

                                :Automatic Stigmator & Focus (ASF)

                                :Automatic Filament Saturation (AFS)

                                :Automatic Beam Alignment (ABA)

                                :Automatic Beam Setting (ABS)
          (AFS + ABA + Automatic Gun Bias) 

          Signal and image processing functions

                                :Improving S/N ratio by averaging (TV, FAST scan)

                                :Improving S/N ratio by pixel integration

                                :Improving S/N ratio by frame integration
          (maximum frames for integration: 1024)(TV, FAST, SLOW1)

                                :Composite bi-color image display
          (Real time on dual image display mode/Save image)

                                :Pseudo color display(Save image)

                                :Real time image processing
          (Reversed contrast, Gamma control)

                                :Real time histogram display

                                :Image processing for save image
          (Reversed contrast, Gamma control, Smoothing, Edge enhancement, etc.)

          Image saving          : Image saving size
          (640 480 pixels, 1280 ′ 960 pixels, 2560 ′1920 pixels, 5120 3840 pixels)

                                :Image filing format: BMP, TIFF, JPEG

          Image print out       : Free layout print function in standard

          Management of save image

                                :SEM data manager (Image data base) in standard
          (Data management, Thumbnail display, various image processing functions)

          Other functions       : Beam blanking when an image is frozen.

                                :Raster rotation

                                :Dynamic focus/Tilt compensation

                                :Data display (Image number, Accelerating voltage, Magnification, Micron marker,Unit, WD, Date, Time, Pressure, Detector)
          Data display selectable between with and without image

                                :Data entry[Figures (circle, rectangular, arrow, measurement line),characters

                                :Easy measurement function (distance between 2 points, and measurement lineswith arrow)

                                :3D Animation Maintenance Guide

                                :Image transfer to Quartz Imaging PCI

          X-Ray mode function   : Input signal terminals for X-Ray Rate-meter(0 - +10V) andMapping(TTL)

                                :Scanning mode (Line analysis, Spot analysis, Average concentration analysis)

                                :DBC interface (option)

          Connection port for external equipment

                                :USB interface

                                :Network interface (Ethernet), Setting up is at option.

          VTR signal            :NTSC black and white signal only(BNC), an image in standard display mode only.


          (6)    Safety device

                                :Protected against power failure, leakage current and vacuum failure.


          (7)  Dimensionand weight





          Main unit

          550(W) x 1000(D) x 1460(H) mm

          380 kg

          Oil rotary pump

          526(W) x 225(D) x 306(H) mm

          28 kg


          200(W) x 180(D) x 160(H) mm

          40 kg

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